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1 of September 2013

Start «Online registration»

1 of September 2013

Start Visa support

31 of May 2014

Early Registration fee

21 of February 2014

Abstract submission deadline

Visa Support

All foreign participants of «COSPAR 2014» Assembly should obtain an entry visa to The Russian Federation.


To obtain a visa invitation letter, please complete the first step of Assembly registration. You will be sent a log-in and password, and with this information it will be possible to enter your personal page, select "visa support" and complete and submit the visa support form.

The visa will be issued for the duration of the Assembly.

 It is strongly recommended to submit requests for visa support by 2 June 2014 in order to allow sufficient time to obtain the required travel documents.

Supporting documents will be made based on your personal information submitted during the on-line registration process.

In order to obtain a Russian Visa please contact the nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy in your home country for further information.

You can find the list of Diplomatic and consular missions of Russia all over the world on the official web page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mid.ru/zu_r.nsf/strawebeng


Please be advised that in order to obtain a visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your visit to the Russian Federation.


IMPORTANT! All foreign citizens arriving in Russia have to fill in a migration card while passing through customs. Migration cards will be given to foreigners before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.). Please be careful while filling in this migration card and keep this card secure until your departure from the Russian Federation.


NOTICE! According to Russian Federation legislation, all foreign citizens should be registered within 3 days of their arrival at their hotel. (Generically, such a registration is a duty of the hotel, and guests should not be disturbed about that.)


For further information please contact us by E-mail: visa@cospar2014moscow.com