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1 of September 2013

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1 of September 2013

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31 of May 2014

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21 of February 2014

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The Venue

Lomonosov Moscow State University campus in the southwest of Moscow disposes of several educational and congress buildings specially designed to host a large number of diverse activities, thus providing enough space to accommodate all the sessions, lectures, and Associated Events of the Assembly. The COSPAR Assembly will take place in a special cluster of very recent campus buildings constructed to support the growing educational and public needs of the University which was founded in 1755.

This cluster includes the Fundamental Library and the Shuvalovsky and Lomonosovsky educational buildings, named after the founding fathers of Moscow University. Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the pioneers of Russian science and a member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, was among those who observed the Venus transit in 1761, leading him to the discovery of the Venusian atmosphere. Count Ivan Shuvalov, a prominent politician of the XVIII century, ardently supported the idea of the University in Moscow, originally proposed by Mikhail Lomonosov to the Empress Elizabeth I.

Each of the buildings contains a large number of rooms equipped with all necessary facilities, thus creating a rich and inspirational atmosphere for scientific discussions and public outreach events. Moreover, these building are just 600 meters from the historic Main Building of the University, one of the most magnificent Moscow 'sky-scrapers' built in the middle of the XX century.

The campus, itself a historical site in the immediate vicinity of the ancient forest sloping down to the Moskva river bank (Vorobyevy Gory Wildlife Preserve), is just twenty minutes from Moscow city center by underground and can be easily accessed from the airports and railroad stations.

Registration, the exhibition and student area, as well as several accompanying events, will be located in the Fundamental Library (Lomonosovsky prospekt, 27).

MSU Fundamental Library (Photo: MSU)

Scientific and poster sessions will take place in the Shuvalovsky and Lomonosovsky buildings on both sides of the Fundamental Library (Buildings 1 and 2 on the map). Coffee-breaks and lunches will be provided in both buildings.

The opening ceremony and welcome reception will take place in the Main Building of the University (Vorobyevy Gory, 1).