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1 of September 2013

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1 of September 2013

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31 of May 2014

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21 of February 2014

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Special Educational Events for Russian Participants

Lectures for Secondary School Teachers
COSPAR established the tradition to conduct certain activities for school teachers. 
Such events provide new opportunities in school teaching and are designed to ensure the development of space education in a rapidly changing world. 
The purpose of their conducting – is to form a general idea of the audience about modern space exploration, facilitate their adaptation to daily work and show the possibility of participating in a real space experiments Russian schools teachers and their pupils. 

Youth Scientific School and Conference
In the framework of the Assembly will be held Youth Scientific School Conference for the students of Russian universities. 
This event aims to open up new opportunities and to provide a space education development. 
Scientific reports of participants will be presented at the poster session, subsequently authors will be allocated time for oral presentation of their papers. It is also planned to publish book of abstracts and materials. 

Both Lectures for Secondary School Teachers and Youth Scientific School and Conference are organized mainly for Russian-speaking participants. Nevertheless we’ll appreciate participants from other countries. For further information please contact spacephysicspractice@gmail.com . For Russian-speaking participants the detailed information is placed in information letters.

ATTENTION! The deadline is extended till 31 May, 2014.